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The Thinkers50 European Business Forum has fast established itself as the premier business event in Europe. There is room for 500 European participants, with attendees ranging from CEOs to leaders in the public and private sector from countries such as Germany, Sweden, England, Spain, Turkey, The United States, and many more. 
One thing our attendees have in common is a hunger for new ideas, and a desire to be at the forefront of knowledge about strategy, innovation and leadership. 
The Thinkers50 European Business Forum is a unique opportunity to learn from the world’s best business professors in one spot in just two days, and to network with peers who are just as eager to collaborate as yourself. 
Previous attendees include leaders and management teams from a vast variety of Danish and international companies including Google, Novo Nordisk, Strategyzer, Njord Law Form, PwC, Velux, TV2 Denmark, Novozymes, IE Business School and many more. 
We look forward to welcoming you. 

Michael E. Porter.

Previous speaker at the 2017
Thinkers50 European Business Forum.

There is a vitality in Odense, which frankly, I didn’t expect. What is happening here is quite remarkable. It’s a story about change and economic development. It is wonderful to see what’s happening in a place that wasn’t on the map globally for competitiveness purposes, say a decade ago. So many things made it irresistible for me to be here.

Michael E. Porter
Previous speaker at the 2017 Thinkers50 European Business Forum

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