The world's most successful visionary business thinkers

From America, Asia, Europe and Africa to Odense, Denmark

Kjell Nordström

Swedish economist

Explaining what our time requires from business firms and their leaders.

Anil K. Gupta

The China India Institute

Delivering a roadmap for understanding business challenges and opportunities in China.

Irene Yuan Sun

McKinsey & Company

Explaining why China is now the biggest foreign player in Africa.

Rasmus Hougaard

The Potential Project

Helping leaders enchance performance through mindfulness.

Tendayi Viki

Associate Partner at Strategyzer

Helping companies innovate for the future while running their core business.

Navi Radjou

Author of Frugal Innovation

Doing business in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

Scott Anthony

Senior partner at Innosight

How to leverage disruptive change and create tomorrow’s growth engine.

Linda Yueh

Economist, broadcaster, writer

Explaining the key thoughts of history’s greatest economists.

Howard Yu

Professor at IMD

Teaching business to shield itself from copycat competition.

Erica Dhawan

Founder & CEO of Cotential

Teaching business leaders innovative strategies that deliver results.

Anna Rosling

Author of ‘Factfulness’

Fighting misconceptions and making the world understandable with reliable statistics.

Haiyan Wang

The China India Institute

Explaining why China and India must be the core of your global strategy.

Erin Meyer

Professor at INSEAD

Helping thousands of global executives understand and navigate cultural differences.

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